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32th edition Gelders Balcony. Syrian Elswhere by Mohan Dehne

Syrian Elswhere. Video- and photoworks on show by Mohan Dehne

What do humans need to feel safe? The Syrian–Dutch artist Mohan Dehne (Damascus 1963) portrays Syrians who have settled in European countries since the revolution broke out in Syria in 2011. Dehne documents their experiences in their new environment in photographs and video works. Together with journalist Rula Asad he questioned his Syrian compatriots about the importance of safety. What impact will the new reality have on their Syrian identity? How does the relationship with their motherland relate to their connection with the new European country?

Mohan Dehne | Syria Elsewhere. foto 2 Mohan Dehne | Syria Elsewhere. foto 3
Photo left: Mohan Dehne, Syrian Elsewhere, 2014-2017. Photo Mohan Dehne 
Photo right: Mohan Dehne, Syrian Elsewhere, 2014-2017. Photo Mohan Dehne

Dehne expresses this double ‘connectedness’ in the Syrian Elsewhere project. The change shift from two to three-dimensionality is a metaphor for the change in perspective. His project is not only about the impact of migration on the identity of Syrian newcomers but also about the impact of refugees on the European identity.

Mohan Dehne studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, and attended postgraduate courses at the Art Academy in Budapest and Minerva Academy in Groningen. Dehne lives and works in Arnhem.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Syrian Elsewhere.

This is the 32th edition of Gelders Balcony, a platform for artists or art initiatives connected to the Dutch province Gelderland.

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