The museum is currently closed. We expect to reopen at the end of 2021. Meanwhile Museum Arnhem welcomes you at De Kerk for our temporary exhibitions.

About De Kerk powered by Museum Arnhem
De Kerk is the place where Museum Arnhem will – until the end of 2020 – stage exhibitions and organise activities with a focus on experiment and innovation. Every three months, a new exhibition will be staged. De Kerk is a platform for various themes, including contemporary art and design, innovation, Arnhem-based artists, design and fashion. In addition to exhibitions, Museum Arnhem organises debates, lectures, concerts and performances in De Kerk.

Opening hours: 
Monday - Tuesday: closed
Wednesday until Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00 

Regular: €5,00
Artists, CJP, Gelrepas & 12 - 18 years old: €2,50
Until 12 years old, Vriendenpas, Museumkaart, Bankgiroloterij VIP kaart, students ArtEZ: free entrance 

Address & route
Sint Walburgisplein 1
6811 BZ, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Contact details
W: www.museumarnhem.nl/de-kerk
T: +31  (0)26 – 30 31 400
E: info@museumarnhem.nl

Museum Arnhem
Temporary office address:
Weerdjesstraat 70
6811 JE Arnhem, The Netherlands
+31(0)26-30 31 400

Image: Rachelle Stoffels


Museum Arnhem
Sint Walburgisplein 1
6811 BZ Arnhem
+31(0)26 30 31 400


Het vernieuwde Museum Arnhem opent naar verwachting begin 2022.

Onze tijdelijke presentatieplek in De Kerk is geopend van woensdag tot en met zondag van 12:00 tot 18:00.

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